Generatepress Premium Activation with Licence Key


Original price was: ₹3,660.00.Current price is: ₹299.00.

Delivery : upto 48 hours

Valid for : Only One Domain

Updates : Directly in Wordpress for 01 year

Licence : Original Key Activation


GeneratePress Premium : GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme built with a focus on speed and usability. This Is The 100% Original And Genuine Fastest WordPress Theme With Original License Key.

What You Will Get?

✔ 101% Original Theme

✔ Original License Key

✔ Very Cheap Price

✔ Get Auto Updates

✔ 20+ Site Demo

✔ One-Click Installation

✔ 01 Year of Continuous updates directly to Dashboard

Features not Included:

  • Direct support with GeneratePress. This is the only feature that you will not be able to use since you will not have the access data to the premium account, but if you have any questions or issues related to Astra Pro you can contact me directly through the chat icon on this website, providing the email you used to subscribe when you started the chat.

GeneratePress License Key:

Are you hesitant about the authenticity of our GeneratePress Premium Theme due to its surprisingly affordable price? Let me put those doubts to rest. Despite the low pricing, this product is 101% genuine, not a GPL or nulled Theme and you can be assured of receiving every update directly in your WordPress dashboard.

You might be wondering, “How can we offer the GeneratePress Premium Theme at such a budget-friendly rate?” The answer is simple. This is the 100% original theme that I have personally purchased a premium plan. My decision to offer it at this low price stems from a genuine understanding that not everyone can afford expensive themes, like me in the beginning of my career. I believe in making quality products accessible to all, without compromising on legitimacy and reliability.

So, being your fellow Blogger & Brother i can assure you 100% transparency.


To activate the license for the plugin, below requirements are necessary:

1. Essential Requirements:
– You must have hosting, a domain, and WordPress installed. These are foundational requirements for the plugin to function.

2. Granting Temporary Access:
– I will need temporary access to your WordPress Admin Panel with an Administrator role. This is a crucial step for license activation.
– This access is only used once, specifically for activating the official license using my agency key.

3. Providing Access:
– You can create a WordPress administrator user for me. This will allow me to update the license as required.
– After the license update is complete, you have the option to either delete this user or change its password, ensuring your site’s security.

4. Alternative Method – Temporary Login Without Password:
– As an alternative, you can install the ‘Temporary Login Without Password‘ plugin on your WordPress site.
– This plugin enables you to create a temporary access link. You can share this link with me by creating a ticket an mentioning your order ID, allowing me to activate the license without needing a permanent user account.
– Or we can go with Team Viewer Option if you have serious trust issues.
For building More trust i can offer you video call or screen share of my PC while i am activating your licence for 101% transparency (No one does that).

Remember, these steps are designed to ensure a seamless and secure process for activating your plugin license. Once the license is activated, you can confidently use the plugin with all its features and benefits.

GeneratePress Premium Theme features:

The GeneratePress Premium Theme is a popular choice for WordPress users, offering a range of features designed to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Here’s an overview of some of its key features:

1. Optimized for Smartphones:
– The theme ensures that your site or blog looks great on all devices, especially on smartphones.
– It is responsive and smartphone-friendly, meaning it adjusts to different screen sizes and resolutions, providing an optimal viewing experience for users on mobile devices. you can use my readymade templates for greater look, feel and speed.

2. SEO Friendly:
– GeneratePress Premium is built with SEO in mind.
– This WordPress theme is search engine optimized, which can be a significant advantage for ranking your website or blog higher in search engine results, thereby potentially increasing your site’s visibility and traffic.

3. AdSense Ads Friendly:
– The theme offers specialized options for Ads Placement, particularly for Google AdSense.
– With these options, you can strategically place ads on your website, which can lead to better ad visibility and potentially increased earnings from ad placements.

These features collectively make GeneratePress Premium a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking a reliable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing WordPress theme. Whether you’re running a personal blog, a business website, or any other type of site, GeneratePress Premium’s combination of mobile optimization, SEO friendliness, and AdSense integration can contribute to a more engaging and successful online presence.




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